Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Question of the Day Plus a Giveaway!

I'm doing a little research this morning on audio books. I figure the best way to answer the questions I have is to go directly to the people.

  1. Do you listen to audio books? (If yes, why and if no, why not?)
  2. How many audio books do you listen to in a month? 
  3. Do you listen to the sample of an audio book before purchasing?
  4. Where do you listen to audio books? (i.e. in the car, while cleaning, when walking.)
  5. What is your favorite genre to listen to?
  6. Where do you get your audio books from? (i.e. Audible, iTunes, Amazon, library.)
  7. Do you have a favorite narrator?

As my way of saying thank you for participating, I'm going to give away a free audio version of my book McKenna's Honor. ;o) I'll choose a random winner from those who leave a comment. I'll announce the winner on Thursday morning. Thank you so much for participating! 


Monday, January 13, 2014

Audio Book Give Aways!

Good morning! Having a great week here and yes, I realize its only Monday. But if this morning is any indication of what the rest of the week is going to be like, then this is going to be a fabulous week!

We're working diligently on the screenplay for McKenna's Honor. I just listened to a chunk of what my fabulous narrator, Brad Wills, has recorded for the opening scene of our pitch. Love it!

Because I'm having such a fantastic day, I've decided to do a wee bit of a give away over at my Facebook Fan Page. I'm going to give away three free copies of the audio version of McKenna's Honor. How's that for making your Monday a bit brighter? :o)

Just click the photo below to learn more.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January - Or As We Call It: Hell Month

It is going to be a very busy day today as I try to finish up story boards. I am starting to wonder why I chose the month of January to do this.

January in my house is crazy...because I drive my husband crazy. A typical January conversation will go like this:
"Suzan, how can you go all year without balancing your check book?? Why did I find your receipts to your trip to Nashville in a Jimmy John's sack in the bottom of your desk drawer? Where the heck are your receipts for (fill in the blank - it could be anything he's asking about)? Where is your check register? What do you mean you don't have a check register??? How do you expect me to do the taxes when nothing is organized???"

My answers are thus:

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Of Hot Flashes and Vivid Imaginations

First off, let me say "Happy New Year!" I hope 2014 is a stellar year for all of you.

Yesterday was spent taking down the Christmas tree. Why is it so much more fun to put the tree up than to take it down?

Of course, we can't just take down the tree, or at least I can't. Taking down the tree spawns something akin to spring cleaning. Walls are washed, floors dusted and mopped, rugs shaken, everything dusted, windexed, and by the time I'm done, the living room looks brand new.