Friday, November 18, 2011

Description of "Laiden's Daughter"....

Early 14th Century, English lands
Life taught her that men are not honorable, nor are they kind…
         Betrayed by lies told before her birth, Aishlinn is raised on former Scottish soil by a cold and harsh stepfather and stepbrothers. Traded to work at Castle Firth, her life is forever changed one fateful night when she defends herself against an English Earl.  To save her own life, she flees to Scotland.  Saved by a group of highland warriors, she soon learns that there are kind and honorable men in the world and one in particular that she could quite easily fall in love with. She also discovers an inner strength she never knew she possessed, a strength that will be tested to the limits one day, when she is forced to make a very difficult decision…allow the English to kill those she loves, or surrender for the crime she committed.

Early 14th Century, Highlands of Scotland
She is everything he never knew he wanted in a woman….

Duncan McEwan’s life is forever changed one fateful spring day when he and his men rescue a young lass from a fate worse than death. Swearing their allegiance and fealty to her, Duncan and his men take her to the safety of their clan. The Clan MacDougall, a fierce lot of highlanders, opens its home and hearts to her, and might even hold the key to her past.  Duncan soon finds himself falling in love with the beautiful young woman, no matter how hard he tries to fight it.  He would do anything to keep her as his own, including defending her life to his own death. 

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