Sunday, January 27, 2013

Regarding Wee William

Good morning beautiful readers! I hope the weather wherever you are, is lovely. We're settling in to ride out a wave of ice coming our way. Stay safe!

Now, regarding Wee William....I am contacted on a daily basis by my lovely readers who are just dying to read Wee William's story. I love hearing from all of you!

Many of my beautiful readers have lots of questions regarding the man himself. Yes, we know he is a fictional character, but dang it, he's a lovely one! And as a writer, he is one of my most favorite characters to write about.

In Book Three of The Clan MacDougall Series, you will learn answers to the following questions:

1. Why does Wee William refuse to shave his beard?

2.  Is there a woman who will do more than tempt him to shave his beard?

3. Why does he love children so much?

4. And for the love of God, why do they call him Wee William when he’s nearly seven feet tall? (There is much speculation over this question, teehee!)

I think I've covered all my bases and have addressed the most popular questions that I receive from readers. However, I'm very curious to know what questions you might like answered in Wee William's story. They can relate to Wee William or other characters. Just post your questions here. 

In the by the way department, I'll be releasing Wee William's Woman sometime in March, 2013! ;o)  

Hugs and gratitude,


  1. HI Suzan! I'm so excited about We William's story. He's obviously a gentle giant. I think you've covered all the questions I have. I'm just ready for my next installment! LOL!

  2. ;o) I am really looking forward to sharing his story with everyone! ;o) Thanks for stopping by Lee Anne.


  3. I just can't wait to read Wee William. I have no questions because I want it to be a surprise. Thank you for all of the hard work you do for us to go into their world and stay there for a while. LOL

  4. Hi to my now favorite author.
    I can't wait to read all there is to know about Wee William. I just hope he dosent get hurt. I think I need someone like wee William. I don't have any questions I just want to know everything. On another note I am now loving everything Scottish. I was watching a tv show about a body of bones found in the stirling castle in Scotland. The castle looked magnificent. They put together though technology the story of the bones. They found he was young, tall man very strong and had well defined muscles that would have come from years of training . They found he was a knight from the 1400 and he was an English knight named sir John. He was buried with a young lady who was also had a few battle scars. They put a picture together of him and he was a massive unit with a kind face and a few battle scars. It was amazing to watch. They where not sure how a english knight came to the buried in an scottish castle with a young lady and 8 other sets on bones it it was so interesting to watch.
    It was just reading your books it has opened my eyes to the old world Scotland so thank you...