Friday, February 8, 2013

The Description for Wee William's Woman...

This is the blurb, or book description that we will use on the back of the book and various other places.  I'd love to know what you think! ;o)

They call him Wee William. Though he stands nearly seven feet tall, with arms and legs the size of tree trunks and hands as big as buckets, there is nothing wee about him. His scowl alone is enough to make most men's bones rattle. And women, rather than swooning, tend to run in the opposite direction.

The giant Highlander is a self-proclaimed bachelor who has sworn for years that there isn't a woman in all of Scotland worth shaving his beard for, and for good reason. Years ago, after a young woman broke his heart and left his dignity torn to shreds, he swore never again to put it in such peril. As a testament to his sincerity, he vowed never again to shave his beard.

Then he met her.  In a single heartbeat, Wee William was lost. Forever lost to a brown-haired beauty with gray-blue eyes brimming with tears -- a woman in need.

On her wedding night, Nora realized she made a terrible mistake. She had agreed to wed Horace Crawford when he promised her younger brother and sister would live with them. But he broke his word and sent them to Castle Firth. Horace soon proved a harsh, cruel husband who owned no heart, nor a shred of decency. Merciless as he was brutal with a violent temper that knew no bounds.

On a dark, cold winter’s night, when Nora had almost given up hope of ever saving her siblings…and herself, God answered her prayers in a most peculiar way. Through a band of fierce, fur-covered, Gaelic speaking Highlanders on a mission to retrieve small but priceless treasures. Treasures she had unwittingly harbored.

Little did the Highlanders know that in setting off to recover Aishlinn’s treasures that they would return with something far more valuable. They would return with Wee William’s Woman. 

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