Thursday, August 8, 2013

Congratulations Author Krystal Shannon!!!

My fellow author and friend, Krystal Shannon, has a new book out! Its titled Saving Margaret, Vegas Mates 2. 

I don't know about you, but this cover is Hot!! Nice muscles! 

Vegas Mates, Book 2
Krystal Shannan
Successful, but lonely, Margaret Taylor finds her mate in the body of a man she least expects it in. A bear! Her human half tries to reason her way out of the match, but her wolf is through with her excuses. Crossing the species line isn’t unheard of, but it’s not often done.
Try as she might to avoid him, fate makes sure the big grizzly bear is nearby at all times. But, will his presence be enough to protect her from the evil stalking her?
The power of the magick between them can’t be avoided. But, Scott O’Hearn thinks the beautiful Taylor wolf is doing a fine job of just that —avoiding him. He can’t help he’s a bear shifter and he’s determined to convince her it doesn’t matter. She is his mate and he’s waited over a century to find her.
Will he convince Margaret she’s his true match before it’s too late?
When Chase Michaels, Henry’s nephew, had shown up, claiming Samantha as his mate, her wolf had broken through the walls she’d built.
“This place isn’t enough to hold her. She’s going to hurt you. She’s going to hurt everyone. You have to stop me,” she cried, the salty taste of tears coated her lips.
“I won’t let the Council put you down. We can beat her.”
She shook her head, sobbing. “No, not this time.”
“I will find a way,” he replied, determination set in stone across his face.
She shivered. Slivers of cold and darkness curled around her heart. Control was slipping away like hot Vegas desert sand through her fingers. Magic rippled across her body. She was shifting. Her silk dress shredded and fell to the white carpet.
Peter released her and stepped back into the doorway.
An angry snarl tore from her lips. She lunged at her husband, helpless to stop the bloodlust in her wolf. A sharp pain coursed over her shoulder and she yelped when he knocked her roughly to the floor. She was just relieved she’d not injured him.
“I’m sorry, Renata. I’m so sorry.”
Renata whined, meeting her husband’s sorrowful gaze. She knew and she forgave him, but the wolf, now in charge of her body again, snarled through the whine and snapped at his hand.
The prick of a needle pinched the scruff of her neck. Then darkness came. Her wolf’s control receded as they both lost consciousness, but the fight was far from over.
To be continued…
Available Now @ Amazon | Smashwords | ARe
Novel – 40K word count – Paranormal / Witches/ Shifter Romance
Vegas Mates in series order…
CHASING SAM (novella)


  1. Thanks for sharing the giveaway. I am looking forward to reading Saving Margaret. evamillien at gmail dot com

  2. Oh I will be adding this one to my list.

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