Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Scottish Affair Scavenger Hunt!!

Okay...I'm an idiot! My word is AUTHORS. I am so sorry for the confusion. Now head back out to Hunt Central to find the other participating authors! :D

Let the Games Begin!!!

Today begins the "Scottish Affair Scavenger Hunt"! This is going to be tons of fun and the prizes are awesome! I mean who wouldn't want to win books?

Some of my favorite Scottish Historical Romance Authors have gotten together to put on this event. Look for clues for chances to win some really awesome books! :D


  1. Thanks, Suzan, for your participation in this scavenger hunt! This is so much fun...

    1. We (the other authors) are having fun too! :D

  2. We know you are not an idiot.
    You may be extremely busy but we all benefir from that.
    Thanks for this chance.