Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Have a New Favorite Author & Book Series!

Anyone who knows me knows that I don't post reviews about books unless I'm very impressed with them. ;o) I read a lot of books and I have posted quite a few reviews at Amazon. But I just had to share with my readers this series that I've recently discovered written by Katie MacAlister. Thus far, there are three in this series, titled: Noble Intentions, Noble Destiny, and The Trouble With Harry. I loved, loved, LOVED these books! Below is the review I posted at Amazon for The Trouble With Harry. These are Regency Historical Romance Novels. ;o)

I didn't think it possible to laugh as hard as I did with Ms. MacAlister's first two books in the Noble Series, but I was wrong. The Trouble With Harry, had me laughing until I had hyperventilated!  Without spoiling anything, one of my most favorite parts was the threat of castration involving two egg cups and a dull knife!

Ms. MacAlister has a writing style that I envy! Beyond witty, beyond funny. This is the type of writing that has you rolling with laughter. The storyline itself if full of intrigue and excitement, and the love that Plum and Harry have for one another is sweet, sexy, and beautiful; simply put, this is a wonderfully written story.

And the five children! Adorable little devils that you can't help but love! And Juan, oh my stars, Juan was hilarious beyond description. ;o) I truly hope Ms. MacAlister writes Nick and Thom's story soon!

This is beyond a five star read and worth every penny. I cannot wait to read more from Ms. MacAlister.

 If you love a great read, something with a sweet and adorable love story that will also have you laughing to the point of tears, these books are for you! ;o) They are sexy without being vulgar and that is probably one of the things I loved most! ;o)

Happy Reading!

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