Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Update on Paperback for Findley's Lass

Hello everyone!
I heard from my publisher this afternoon! We are a go for launch! ;o)

Starting today, you can, if you choose to, begin calling your local book stores, anywhere that books are sold, and ask them if and when they will have copies of Findley's Lass on their shelves. I'm told by inside sources, that if they get enough calls, they'll try to get the copies in sooner, but I've no promises on that. I just think that is pretty nifty!

To help make this easier for you, the ISBN is: 978-0-9855443-2-4 

I cannot express to you just how exciting this is! Your support, your kind words, it all means more than you can possibly imagine. Sending everyone virtual hugs and chocolate today!

If you have any questions, please email me here. 


  1. You should generate a PDF with the book cover and barcode so people can download it from your site, print it, and take it to their local bookstore. The bookstore can simply scan the barcode and find your book in the system.

  2. That is an excellent idea!! Thanks Carl!