Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Book Signing -- Success!

Hello everyone!
I had a great time at the Burlington By The Book Bookstore on Saturday. I met lots and lots of new people and was able to see some friends and family members that I haven't seen in ages. I also sold lots of books and gained several new readers! ;o)

At the end of the day, I only had three copies of Laiden's Daughter left and ten of Findley's Lass! All in all, a very exciting and fun day!

I am looking forward to my next book signing. I'll post dates, locations, times, etc. as they come in. (My assistant is working on setting more book signings up for me. I go where she tells me to! lol)

I hope you all have a great week! Below are a few pictures from Saturday.


  1. Congrats! You have an assistant, I'm jealous :) All of you beautiful self-pubbers are making me want to skip the whole trad-pub process and do this thing my own way. I'm so torn! Have any advice?

  2. P.S. I love the new look of your site! Me and pink, we have a histroy, hehe:)

  3. Hi Megan!
    My assistant is my niece. ;o) She's a stay at home mom so most of what she does for me she does from home, so its a win win for both of us.
    My advice? Follow your heart. You have to decide what is important to you. I like having control of everything. But keep in mind, everything does mean everything, lol. I'm positive that had I gone the traditional route, I would still have my day job. Because I'm independent, I was able to give up that day job October 26th of this year.

    If you want more pointers, tips, advice, etc., I have another site devoted to being an indie author. That blog deals with more of the technical side of things. ;o)


    Let me know if you need any help.

    PS: I love pink too! My favorite colors are kind of weird..lol...matte black, pewter, Jack Daniels brown, and pink. I know, weird.


    1. Suzan,

      Your reply is one of the reasons I feel so great about possibly going Indie. Everyone is welcoming and helpful, not out for themselves. They're accessible. It's been such a great experience for me, reading everyone's work and getting to know the authors. Quite honestly, my desire to see my novels in a store has waned, and the idea that someone would have to pay a higher price makes me cringe. I, myself, feel very spoiled and have to be completely wowed by a summary to pay more than 3.99.

      I like the idea of being in control of everything, though it's overwhelming to think of all the things I'll have to do. But your story is definitely inspiring! I'm checking out your other blog. Thanks for the offer to help. And your favorite colors made me laugh! Pink stands out. Just a little. Haha.

    2. Megan,

      I agree. One of the things I love most about being an indie author is how generous all the other really great authors are with their advice, tips, pointers, how to's, etc. You just can't find a better group of people. I guess we all look at it this way: I have a great idea and you have a great idea. Together, we have two great ideas. ;o)

      You CAN be an indie author AND get your books in stores. I blogged about that at my other site too -- why I went with Lightning Source. So, you can have the best of both worlds. ;o)

      You can always send me an email at: author.romance@yahoo.com as a way to reach me faster than via blog. ;o)

      Have a beautiful day!


    3. I love it! I have a good idea, you have a good idea, now we have two good ideas :) That's great. I've been reading through your other blog. Fantastic info, thanks! Will definitely email you with questions. Thanks again, Suzan!