Friday, December 7, 2012

My review of "Devil In The Making"

I don’t know how Victoria Vane does it, I’m just glad that she does! She has a way of blending so much rich historical detail into her books that one would almost think she lived during the Regency Era and she is sharing her secrets of that beautiful time period with the rest of us! (But you can tell from her picture that she is far too young!)  Devil In The Making is another fine example of Ms. Vane’s work.

Think of Devil In The Making as the prequel to Ms. Vane’s Devil DeVere series. For those of you who may not have read the other books in this series, do not worry. Devil In The Making stands alone quite nicely. However, I would suggest reading the other books in this series for the simple fact that they’re all so darned good!
Ludovic DeVere
Devil In The Making begins at Westminster School, 1764 with Ludovic DeVere, Simon, and Ned, three young men who are central characters throughout the Devil Devere series. In this vignette, we see how their friendship began as well as why Ludovic is the way he is. It does have a few sad moments, but over all, this is a funny and fresh story, made even better by the delightful illustrations that come with the book!
In this story, we find that DeVere has already begun to develop his reputation as a rake and a scoundrel. However, he does something to show us that he does possess a noble and loyal side. Ludovic takes the blame for a very bawdy poem that Simon wrote that is discovered by a very unlikeable teacher. This leads to Ludovic taking a thrashing, which in turn leads us to a hilarious story involving a lion and the lion’s caregiver. Revenge can be fun!
It is chock full (as always with Victoria’s stories!) of humor and a bit of seduction. Devil In The Making is a delightful read and I find myself wanting to read more about this central cast of characters that Victoria has developed.

One of the things I love the most about the entire Devil DeVere series is that each story can, and does, stand on its own merits. Devil In The Making is no exception. The men are strong, but with softer sides, inner battles and secrets that unfold in true Victoria Vane sexy, Regency period, fashion.

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