Thursday, May 30, 2013

Book Four of The Clan MacDougall Series

Good morning beautiful readers!
McKenna's Honor is coming along quite nicely. July will be here before you know it. Amazon should have a pre-order link up and running for us on or around June 20th. Our target release date is July 26, 2013. I will keep you posted if anything changes.

I am thoroughly enjoying this book. While it will have some romance in it, McKenna's Honor is going to be just a wee bit different. There will be far more mystery and intrigue. I am bringing back many of our favorite characters who I think you will be glad to see. ;o)

McKenna's Honor


An old adage declares that there is no honor among thieves. The same can be said of traitors. Traitors often hide in the open, in our full plane of vision. The truth is there, if we choose to see it, if we are determined to see things for what they are and not what we wish them to be.
In reality, traitors are nothing more than pretenders. Actors in a play in which only they know who is who and what is what. Master manipulators.
 And people tend to see only what they wish to see.
When a traitor performs, openly defending the weak, speaking only in the highest regard toward his king and country, and displaying an unequaled fa├žade of honor, well, who among us would question his fealty? The traitor shows us only what he wishes us to see and only what we wish to believe.
All the while the traitor silently laughs at the folly he has created, taking great care in the absurdity of the entire situation.
And if he is extremely careful the world will never know who or what he truly is. 
However, as is often the case with thieves, traitors, and ne’er do wells, sometimes fate steps in at the most unexpected of times. It rips away the heavy curtain of subterfuge and duplicity, to openly display to the world not what it wishes to see, but what it in fact must see.
Such inaugurations to the truth are often painful and traumatic, leaving the newly inaugurated feeling stunned, stupefied, and bitter. For some, the only means of survival is outright denial. They shun the truth. Curse it. Preferring instead, to live in denial. Mayhap because they love the traitor so much, it is easy to justify the aforementioned traitor’s behavior. Or, they may not wish to believe they could have been so easily duped.
But as in all good plays, there are subtle twists and turns. Some are quite obvious, others, not so much. Mayhap the truth isn’t always what it seems. Mayhap there is far more to it than anyone realizes.
What then, motivates a man? A man like Angus McKenna?
Angus McKenna has spent his life defending the defenseless, offering hope to the hopeless, lifting up the weak. This is how the world see’s him: Honorable. Honest. Steadfast. A leader of men. A man loyal, to king and country. A man above reproach. That is the man his people see, the man other leaders see, the man the world sees.
Since the day he took his oath as chief of the Clan MacDougall and made the promise to uphold and protect his clan above all other things, Angus McKenna has always put his family and his clan first. Each decision he has made since that fateful day in 1331 has been made with only one thought in mind: how will this decision affect my family and my clan?
Nothing else mattered but the safety and well being of his people. Not his own comfort, his own desires, or his own needs could be taken into consideration when making decisions that would directly affect his people.
What then, could have made Angus McKenna don a red and black plaid and turn against his king? His country? How could a man like Angus McKenna do such a thing? What could be of such a value that he would plot to murder his king and to forge a pact with the English? A pact that would cause the fall of his country and put it squarely into the hands of the very people he has spent his entire life fighting against.
Something more?
Through time and experience, we learn that things are not always as they appear.

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