Monday, July 15, 2013

Let the Countdown Begin!

11 Days until McKenna's Honor is released! Things are getting pretty busy and exciting around here. You can almost feel it in the air.

In case you missed it, McKenna's Honor is available for pre-order in both ebook and paperback formats at Amazon.  How cool is that? (Trust me. Those pre-order links are coveted by us indie authors!)

McKenna's Honor is a novella, approximately 130 pages (yes, I'm still editing!). It is not a typical romance but it does have romantic elements. McKenna's Honor is more a bridge that helps to launch my new series, Clan Graham. Don't panic! We'll still see some of our favorite MacDougall men and women in future books. 

In honor of releasing my fourth book I'm going to be doing some fun give aways. I'll post the rules tomorrow (July 16, 2013). 

I want to thank each and every one of you for your continued support, kind words, and encouragement. I truly believe that I have the best readers in the universe. :o)


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