Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Beautiful Life....

Since giving up the day job last October, I've become accustomed to 'sleeping in'. For me, sleeping in means sleeping until 7:30, maybe even 8!  This is a big deal when one considers that I used to be up at 3:30 or 4:00 every morning in order to write before leaving for work.

Yesterday, my daughter and grandson surprised us with a visit. Last evening, I remembered why I didn't write when my kids were little. It is next to impossible while they are awake! It is like trying to put pantyhose on over bluejeans. ;o)

This morning, I'm letting my daughter sleep in. I'm in my office with my two and a half year old grandson. I'm at my computer while he plays with legos, and anything else he can get his hands on! He's rattling on and on about how he needs to 'fick' it. He loves tools and fixing things. Last night, his Papa Kevin actually let him use a small drill to unscrew and then re-screw screws into the drywall on the outside walls of my office. I don't know who had more fun, but I do know who was most proud.

In the quiet of this morning, with little Carter playing at my feet, it hit me again just how blessed I am. I have four really great kids, three perfect grandkids (I married young the first time -ha!) I have a wonderful husband, a roof over our heads, food in our bellies. I have great parents, rotten yet wonderful brothers, and a beautiful extended family. Good friends, great readers, and good neighbors. I feel like I'm living in utopia half the time. (The other half resembles a Three Stooges movie, but that is only when I'm alone with husband and son!)

I have three books flying up the charts at Amazon. All three of them are on the Top 100 Best Sellers List in Historical Fiction and Historical Romance. Wee William's Woman has taken off like a rocket. I have readers contacting me to let me know they've just started reading it, are in the middle, or have just finished it. I love hearing from you! ;o)

I am blessed with such a beautiful life. Ten years ago, I never would have thought any of this would  be possible. I certainly couldn't have imagined such a peaceful life. I owe that to my husband. He has this very unique way of keeping me calm yet letting me be excited and happy. I call it sedated exuberance. ;o)

God has blessed me beyond what I think I deserve. My mother-in-law says not to question it but to simply be thankful. ;o) I am. Very thankful!

I also know that I would not be where I am at this moment if it weren't for all of the wonderful readers out there who have taken such a strong liking to the Clan MacDougall. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times and I'll keep saying it: I owe it all to you. You really have helped make my dreams come true. I am forever and eternally in your debt. Thank you.

My grandson is now in the  hands of his uncle, which means I need to step away from the computer and see what the heck they are up too! It has gotten far too quiet up stairs! ;o)

Have a beautiful day and my God bless each and every one of you!

Hugs and gratitude,

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  1. We are so grateful to have you to write for us! I have read all three books twice and keep telling my husband what went on. After the second time telling him, he just listens, shakes his head yes, and goes back to what he is doing. LOL I just can't wait for Rowan's Lady.