Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hot Guy in a Kilt Contest!

Hello lovely readers!
In honor of the arrival of Spring and our love of men in kilts, I am proud to announce our first

Hot Guy in a Kilt Contest

Send me a picture of yourself, your husband, or your favorite hunk via private message at my Facebook page or via email.

I will post the pictures of the hunks at my Facebook page the last two weeks of each month. Voters will get to decide who their favorite hunk is. The winner will be declared my Hunky Guy of The Month! His picture will be proudly displayed on my website and blog.

In addition to being declared our Hunky Guy of The Month, the winner will receive an autographed copy of Wee William’s Woman along with some other ‘swag’ and a place in our Hunky Guy Hall of Fame

Here are the Rules:

Please keep it as clean as possible.

NO CELEBRITY Photos! While we can all agree that Gerard looks beautiful in a kilt, we want pictures of your men! ;o)

Do not post your picture directly to my page.

Instead, send me a private message at Facebook or via email along with the picture

 I will accept photos at any time, but voting will take place the last two weeks of each month.

The winner will be the one with the most votes.

We will run a new contest every month ;o)

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