Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rowan's Lady...the beginning

Good morning lovely readers! I hope the sun is shining for you today! I am so ready for spring, aren't you?

As you know, I'll be releasing Rowan's Lady sometime this fall. Sooner, of course, if the voices don't leave me. ;o)

I want to let you know that Rowan's Lady is going to be the start of a new series, the Clan Graham Series. Don't panic! We will be seeing some of your favorites from Clan MacDougall in Rowan's story. I might even go back at some point and write more stories from our favorite characters from Clan MacDougall.

If you remember the meeting of the seven clans from Wee William's Woman, what I am doing will make perfectly good sense. ;o) At least it makes sense in my head, lol, which is rather frightening. Usually, I live in a perpetual state of confusion. ;o)

I am planning on writing series for each of the clans present at that meeting. The seven clans are: The MacDougalls (of course!) then we have McKee, McDunnah, Lindsay, Randolph, Carruthers, and Graham.

I would like to write at least one book for each of these clans. I know that I will have at least two for Clan Graham -- Rowan's Lady & Frederick's Queen.  I also have Caelen's Love planned for the McDunnah Clan Series.

There are so many great stories that I want to write for our heroes. Black Richard will have a story, but I'm not sure if it will be tucked under Clan MacDougall or somewhere else. I'd also like to write about Nial and Bree.

If I wrote 3 stories for each clan, that would make 21 books! lol I'm not saying I will write 21, but wouldn't that be fun?

I love hearing from my readers. You all brighten my day and make me want to write more and more. ;o) Thank you all so very much. You don't know it, but you do inspire me.


  1. Oh My goodness this is lovely news! I am in the process of reading Wee William's woman...and actually read about the clan meeting last night! How lovely to look forward to the future tales...thank you very much for the heads up!!

    1. :o) You are welcome and THANK YOU for reading! ;o) I hope you are enjoying Wee William's Woman. ;o)


  2. I am so happy to know that these clans will be getting their story told. I LOVE your books. Keep up the good work and I will be waiting on Rowan's story.
    Thank You for giving us all a little time away from everyday life.

  3. Hello beautiful lady!
    I finished Wee Williams Woman and of course it was awesome!! I am anxiously awaiting Rowans Lady.....so don't be slacking off!! hehehehe! ;)
    I do have a question about Rowan tho.....remind me to ask you!
    Your biggest fan and favorite cousin
    Sharon ;)

    1. You are too funny! ;o) I am glad you liked it. We'll discuss later what your favorite part was. ;o)


  4. Me again. Trying to figure out how to use my google acct to post..... :) I love technology!!

  5. I was sad when I realize Kate dies, I liked her even if we only meet her for a few pages, but im still looking forward to Rowan's Lady! I love your books