Friday, October 19, 2012

Book Launching Party -- Sucess!

The party was beyond anything that I could have imagined or hope for! ;o) There were people there that I didn't even know! I actually asked my husband, "Do you know those people?" He said, "No." I remember looking at him and asking, "I wonder why they're here?" He gave me one of those, oh, I've married a really nice girl who is just a tad on the goofy side, but I love her anyway, kind of looks! ;o) I was just so caught up in the night, and guests, and all the fun we were having that there were times it seemed surreal. ;o)

I'm posting pictures for those of you who could not make it. I can't thank everyone enough! We had over 75 people come out to help us celebrate the successful launching of Findley's Lass! 
Aunt Marilyn, my Mamma, me, and Aunt Jerry!

The cake! It was beautiful & delicious!

Me with my cousin Sharon. She's such a sweetie!
Me with fellow author, Cecilia Were! She's a beautiful woman!

Me with niece, Belinda. Yes, I'm drinking a double shot of Jack Daniels! 
My best friend, Shelley and I. Even sitting down, I'm an Amazon woman compared to Tiny Shelley!

Kevin, our son Mike, and I. (He hated the dress clothes!
A shot of the room

Kevin and I with our cover models! My son-in-law and daughter. She's just as beautiful in person! And yes, his arms are just as nice! ;o)

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